This full day training session is a powerful hands-on simulation that demonstrates the journey a company takes to become lean. Your team will actively participate in this company’s three-year journey as you assist in transitioning it from a very traditional to a more efficient lean business.

The Lean Enterprise philosophy of the efficient uses of resources which, when implemented, shortens lead-time and decreases cost by eliminating non value-added waste will be observed and experienced throughout this simulation. The focus is on continuous improvement of work methods throughout the organization to improve process efficiency. It is where all functions of a company work in concert to create value for the customer. This includes relationships with suppliers with the same goal in mind.

As workshop participants, you will perform roles in a simulated factory setting throughout many challenging production rounds. You will be able to see, feel, and measure the effects of different lean enterprise principles as your team incorporates them into the production process. These concepts include:

  • continuous improvement
  • empowering teams
  • 5 S
  • quality at the source
  • visual control
  • standardize work
  • lot size reduction
  • work leveling
  • pull system
  • build to customer orders
  • quick changeover
  • kanban

After completing each simulation round you will be able to measure customer satisfaction and calculate the financial impact as a result of the changes made to the manufacturing process. The eight types of waste, which need to be eliminated to make your manufacturing facility lean, will become easier to identify. You will understand the importance of the kaizen process, difference between a push and pull manufacturing system, how kanban works and the impact it has upon the manufacturing process, and how to make effective use of employee time made available through waste reduction.

The participants will be able to apply lessons learned through this simulation as they return to their organizations.

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