Effectively Capturing Shop Floor Improvement Ideas


The Insight Lean Solutions team has solved the puzzle of capturing and managing improvement ideas from plant personnel and the shop floor. The first piece is a management system that works throughout the entire process.

Here are 5 key steps to solving the puzzle:

  1. Management encouragement – Supervisors and Managers need to show employees that everyone’s ideas are considered and reviewed by asking production employees for ideas during audits or listening carefully when an employee approaches them with an idea. Every idea has the potential to reduce waste, improve part quality, safety, productivity, and/or employee morale.
  2. Capture every idea – Individuals with ideas or Managers who receive an idea need to quickly record ideas in a plant wide ideas management system. Each idea’s record should include pertinent information such as a brief description of the idea, areas/locations impacted by the idea, suggested action plans, and pictures (if available).
  3. Thorough and timely evaluation – Once the management person with approval/rejection responsibility over improvement ideas has reviewed all the information and/or followed up with the submitter to gain a greater understanding, they will decide to approve or reject the implementation of the idea. This person will record their reason(s) for approving or rejecting the idea in the idea management system. Ideally, the system will email the idea submitter with the approval or rejection and a brief explanation of WHY their idea was approved/rejected.
  4. Assign a champion to approved ideas – Top management will assign a champion and an implementation target date. The champion needs to conduct a complete evaluation of feasibility, costs, and benefits. This information is entered into the plant wide idea management system with supporting evidence of the feasibility and benefits to the organization.
  5. Implement and close– The Champion implements, monitors, and modifies the improvement action using Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) methodology. Once the action has been successfully implemented, Top Management makes a final review of effectiveness and closes the improvement in the idea management system.


We believe so strongly in the success of these 5 process steps that we have incorporated this ideas management system into LPA Admin at no additional cost to our clients.


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