It provides your team unprecedented access to information needed to control and improve high risk areas throughout your manufacturing processes. Using a variety of easy to navigate screens, graphs and reports, your management team will be in command of your company’s manufacturing processes.

LPA Admin provides your team with a real-time, easy-to-use method to:

  • Schedule Audits
  • Automate Audit Notifications (including non-conformances)
  • Automate Improvement Idea Notifications
  • Build and Edit Audit Templates
  • Store and Manage Individual Audit Checklists
  • Record Audit Revision Histories
  • Record and Track Audit Results
  • Record and Track Corrective Actions
  • Record and Track Management Approval of Corrective Actions
  • Record and Track Basic Improvement Ideas
  • Produce Audit Reports
  • Design and run Custom Reports

What makes LPA Admin different from the competition:

  • Manages 8 different audit types (i.e. LPA, 5-S, Safety, Lean)
  • Provided in 7 different languages
  • No up-charge for Customer/Technical Support
  • No charge for application training
  • No charge for standard upgrades
  • We have not increased annual subscription costs in 12 years

And, since LPA Admin is a web-based application, all your data is securely available to your management team anytime, anywhere.

Get real insight into your operations... NOW.