Founded in 2004 as Lean Enterprise Software Solutions, the company was focused on providing automotive manufacturing facilities with lean solutions to their operating needs. In 2005, the company released LPA Admin auditing software to the automotive industry.  Founder, Jerry Yoder, quickly realized that lean principles and layered auditing could benefit numerous industries, products, and processes. In the years following, the company continued to grow into a global provider of process auditing software. Today, we serve 16 manufacturing industries with the ability to manage 8 different process audit types in 7 different languages.

With the continued software growth, Jerry found it difficult to make time for training events and consulting opportunities (his true passion). He decided to reach out to a colleague, resulting in Jamie Noe joining the company. As a highly skilled Quality Engineer and Quality Manager, she has experienced and understands the challenges of companies in today’s market. Her addition to the team has allowed us to further develop the LPA Admin application as well as expand and improve our Software Customer Support staff.  Jamie is leading our team in our mission of “Impeccable Customer Service”; something we believe is rare in this industry.

In 2016, Jamie became a partner and the company began doing business as Insight Lean Solutions. Jerry and Jamie maintain their focus on strong customer support for our clients as well as training, consulting, and facilitating with manufacturing operations.

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